Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load a new toner?

Open the front door of the machine. Slide out the indicated colour towards you. Open the new toner, remembering to shake it from side to side at least 5 times. Slide in the new toner, shut front door and the toner will load in automatically. DO NOT store toner standing on its end as it may compact and cause toner loading issues.

How do I put new staples in my finisher?

Open the front door of the finisher then slide out the staple carriage assembly towards you. Remove the staple carrier and replace the old cartridge with a new one. Refit carrier and close finisher door. Sometimes staples may take a few prints to feed through the system, you may get a couple of unstapled copies.

What paper should I use in my machine?

Only use copier bond paper between 80 -100gsm in weight.

How do I load paper in my machine?

Pull open the paper tray, unwrap your paper, fan through around about a third of a ream and place it squarely and neatly into the tray. Repeat this until the tray is full.

Can I use card or labels in my machine?

Yes, you can feed these from the bypass. Open the bypass and place the card or labels onto it (labels must be face downwards). Press the # key on the control panel. This changes the display and allows you to input the paper size and type. For labels and a lot of card you can use the thick 1 setting (up to 160gsm) but if it is heavier use thick 2 or 3.

My machine jams first thing in the morning is there anything I can do?

First thing in the morning or during colder periods of weather paper may become damp and may cause jams in the machine so you may need to load some fresh paper. You can tell if its damp as it will curl up when exiting a machine or looks wavy if you place it on a flat surface.

My prints have missing image areas, is there anything I can do?

Yes, there is. On the inside of the front door is a light blue rod with felt at one end. This is used to clean the laser glass for each colour. The rod goes into a small slot for each of the four colours at the bottom front upright part on the main machine. Move the rod backwards and forwards a few times for each colour and try a test copy.

My machine is showing SC501, 2, 3 or 4, is there anything I can do?

Yes, there is. Paper has been incorrectly loaded or overloaded in a paper tray. Pull open the tray that is not working or is showing a spanner symbol. Remove paper from the tray then switch the machine off leaving the affected tray open. Switch back on and the code should clear then reload paper neatly. If this does not clear the code, then there is probably paper behind the tray. Pull the affected tray out to its full extent then tilt the tray up slightly and you can remove it from the machine. Do a visual check behind the tray for paper, remove if necessary and switch machine off and on again.

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